Each contestant is expected to have acknowledged these guidelines


  • Entering in the Dutch Shrimp Contest is only possible by completing the registration form on this website.
  • By entering the contest, the contestant automatically declares that his animals are free of diseases and have not been in contact with animals that were ill.
  • A registration list by order of registration date will be kept. Besides the organizational committee, nobody will be able to look at this list. Only after the judging is done, the contestants will be announced.
  • Each contestant can enter with a maximum of one group per category.
  • Each group of shrimps must consist of 2 shrimps, this must be 1 male and 1 female as shown in the video on this website.
  • When we receive more entries than we can handle, we will enter the rest of the entries on a reserve list. All will be under the “First come, first serve” basis.
  • Your registration is only final when we have received the entry fees.
  • Registration is closed on Sunday November 15  2020 and payment should be received by November 16  2020 latest.

Entry fees

  • The registration fee for participating with 1 group is € 7.00 + € 10.00 one-time administration and transaction fee.
  • For participation in any other extra group, the registration fee is € 7.00 extra per group.
  • All income generated from the competition will be used to fund the costs of the Dutch Shrimp Contest.
  • Payment can be made through our payment system, you choose: Ideal, PayPal, Sofort Banking.
  • IBAN: NL65INGB0007375312 (on behalf of Fishfarmonline)
  • BIC: INGBNL2AReference: Dutch Shrimp Contest and name of the participantThe participant will receive a registration confirmation once payment has been received.

Entering the Shrimp for competition

  • Participation in the Online Dutch Shrimp Contest
  • Participants can submit their video of the shrimp before the competition until Sunday November 15, 2020 at the following e-mail address
  • Submission can only be made with a valid registration confirmation.
  • The Organizing Committee will create a list of the videos with numbers on which the participants will be registered. Thus, the list is not public until the winners have been announced.
  • Each video must be clearly credited in the email with the category This text must be legible to avoid disqualification. It is not allowed to put your name on the videos!
  • If the submitted videos differ from how they were registered, they will be placed in the correct group.


The Dutch Shrimp Contest will hold the following categories:

Cat 1 – Neo All Colors excl. Rili

Cat 2 – Rili

Cat 3 – Caradina Taiwan bee with pattern (Panda King Kong red and black)

Cat 4 – Taiwan bee without pattern (full black – full red)

Cat 5 – Pinto classic

Cat 6 – Pinto all pattern

Cat 7 – Taiwan bee bolts red and blue

Cat 8 – Steels red and blue

Cat 9 – Crazy steel

Cat 10 – Tiger all patterns

Cat 11 – Tiger orange eyes

Cat 12 – Fancy black

Cat 13 – Fancy red

Cat 14 – Pure red line (PRL)

Cat 15 – Pure black line (PBL)

Cat 16 – Pure white line (PWL)

Cat 17 – Crossbreeds all new breeds

Cat 18 – Galaxy red all patterns

Cat 19 – Galaxy black all patterns

Cat 20 – Boa

Cat 21 – Nanashi and Nanashi advance

Cat 22 – Yellow King Kong

Cat 23 – Yellow Fishbone and Ghost fishbone

Cat 24 – Super Crystal red

Cat 25 – Super Crystal Black


  • The juries will be composed by the organizing committee.
  • jury is excluded from participation
  • Assessment will take place on Friday, November 27, 2020.
  • The jury checked for coloration, pattern, health and general impression of the shrimp group. They use international standards and review reports defined for each category.
  • When scoring there is a draw within one category, the Organizing Committee appoints two judges to do a rescoring round. If the result is another tie, the final decision is the Organizing Committee.
  • The group with the most points of all categories will receive the Grand Champion Trophy.
  • The results will be announced on Saturday 28-11-2020 on the website of Dutch shrimp contest

Judge criteria: What should be disqualified?

  • Less than 2 shrimp in the video.
  • Shrimp with carapace deformations and other deformations.
  • Parasites and other diseases.
  • Too small shrimp (smaller than +/- 1.8 cm)
  • the lack of body parts: legs, antennae, eyes, etc, etc.

What should not be disqualified?

  • Shrimp in the wrong category (shrimp must be placed in the correct category).

The Shrimp Auction

  • As you know, the normal shrimp competition is canceled this year due to COVID-19.
    It also means that unfortunately we cannot hold a shrimp auction this year.


The organizational committee can adjust these guidelines when needed.

In any case where these guidelines do not cover an issue, the organizational committee has the final decision.

Neither The Dutch Shrimp Contest or Vivarium are liable for any damages to the shrimp competing in the show.

Pictures taken by The Dutch Shrimp Contest or Vivarium officials may be used for promotional or publishing activities.

Contestants are not allowed to add any means of advertising to the aquariums.

Entering this competition is fully on your own risk.